Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FIRST robotics?

FIRST robotics is a worldwide organization that designs a new game every year for high schools to participate in. Each year in the first week of January FIRST has a kick-off event to announce what that year’s game will be. From then on teams work quickly to design, build, and program a robot to compete in these games. Starting in the last week of February teams will begin competing in regional events with aims to make it to one of the two world competitions. The one the RoboDrakens attends is held here in Detroit each year. Since Michigan has more teams than any other state (or country outside of the United States) we have our own state wide competition as well the week prior to worlds, so for us we have to get into states in order to make it to nationals. In pandemic times, these regional, state, and world competitions cannot happen in person so FIRST has come out with competitions that can be done completely virtual including designing a possible game for future years!

Why should you join robotics?

To learn programming, patience, team building skills and how to be creative. With great mentors and a competitive drive you can learn many valuable things.

Can the Drive Station work on Fortnite? 

The Drive Station cannot work on fortnite. It is build with code to operate the robot!